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Zamborlin A., Sarogni P., Frusca V., Gonnelli A., Giannini N., Ermini M.L., Marranci A., Paiari F., Mazzanti C.M., Seco J., Voliani V.
Drug-Free Hybrid Nanoarchitecture Modulation of the Metastatic Behavior of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma in Alternative in Vivo Models
ACS Applied Nano Materials, vol. 6, (no. 24), pp. 22532-22544
Sarogni P., Zamborlin A., Mapanao A.K., Logghe T., Brancato L., Van Zwol E., Menicagli M., Giannini N., Gonnelli A., Linsalata S., Colenbier R., Van den Bossche J., Paiar F., Bogers J., Voliani V.
Hyperthermia Reduces Irradiation-Induced Tumor Repopulation in an In Vivo Pancreatic Carcinoma Model
Advanced Biology, pp. 2-9
Madeo L. F., Sarogni P., Cirillo G., Vittorio O., Voliani V., Curcio M., Shai-Hee T., Büchner B., Mertig M., Hampel S.
Curcumin and Graphene Oxide Incorporated into Alginate Hydrogels as Versatile Devices for the Local Treatment of Squamous Cell Carcinoma
MDPI Materials
Santi M., Frusca V., Ermini M. L., Mapanao A. K., Sarogni P., Gonnelli A., Giannini N., Zamborlin A., Biancalana L., Marchetti F., Voliani V.
Hybrid nano-architectures loaded with metal complexes for the co-chemotherapy of head and neck carcinoma
Journal of Materials Chemistry B
Mapanao A. K., Sarogni P., Santi M., Menicagli M., Gonnelli A., Zamborlin A., Ermini M. L., Voliani V.
Pro-apoptotic and size-reducing effects of protein corona-modulating nano-architectures enclosing platinum prodrug in in vivo oral carcinoma
Biomaterials Science
Sarogni P., Mapanao A. K., Marchetti S., Kusmic C., Voliani V.
A Standard Protocol for the Production and Bioevaluation of Ethical In Vivo Models of HPV-Negative Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma
ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science
Sarogni P., Mapanao A.K., Gonnelli A., Ermini M.L., Marchetti S., Kusmic C., Paiar F., Voliani V.
Chorioallantoic membrane tumor models highlight the effects of cisplatin compounds in oral carcinoma treatment
Pallotta M. M., Di Nardo M., Sarogni P., D Krantz I., Musio A.
Disease-associated c-MYC downregulation in human disorders of transcriptional regulation
Human Molecular Genetics
Mapanao A.K., Che P.P., Sarogni P., Sminia P., Giovannetti E., Voliani V.
Tumor grafted–chick chorioallantoic membrane as an alternative model for biological cancer research and conventional/nanomaterial-based theranostics evaluation
Expert Opinion on Drug Metabolism and Toxicology, vol. 17, (no. 8), pp. 947-968
Barone S., Sarogni P., Valli R., Pallotta M.M., Silvia G., Frattini A., Khan A.W., Rapalini E., Parri C., Musio A.
Chromosome missegregation in single human oocytes is related to the age and gene expression profile
International Journal of Molecular Sciences, vol. 21, (no. 6)
Sarogni P., Pallotta M.M., Musio A.
Cornelia de Lange syndrome: From molecular diagnosis to therapeutic approach
Journal of Medical Genetics, vol. 57, (no. 5), pp. 289-295
Cucco F., Sarogni P., Rossato S., Alpa M., Patimo A., Latorre A., Magnani C., Puisac B., Ramos F.J., Pie J., Musio A.
Pathogenic variants in EP300 and ANKRD11 in patients with phenotypes overlapping Cornelia de Lange syndrome
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A, vol. 182, (no. 7), pp. 1690-1696
Sarogni P., Palumbo O., Servadio A., Astigiano S., D'Alessio B., Gatti V., Cukrov D., Baldari S., Pallotta M.M., Aretini P., Dell'Orletta F., Soddu S., Carella M., Toietta G., Barbieri O., Fontanini G., Musio A.
Overexpression of the cohesin-core subunit SMC1A contributes to colorectal cancer development
Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research, vol. 38, (no. 1)
Cukrov D., Newman T.A.C., Leask M., Leeke B., Sarogni P., Patimo A., Kline A.D., Krantz I.D., Horsfield J.A., Musio A.
Antioxidant treatment ameliorates phenotypic features of SMC1A-mutated Cornelia de Lange syndrome in vitro and in vivo
Human Molecular Genetics, vol. 27, (no. 17), pp. 3002-3011
De Pasquale V., Pezone A., Sarogni P., Tramontano A., Schiattarella G.G., Avvedimento V.E., Paladino S., Pavone L.M.
EGFR activation triggers cellular hypertrophy and lysosomal disease in NAGLU-depleted cardiomyoblasts, mimicking the hallmarks of mucopolysaccharidosis IIIB
Cell Death and Disease, vol. 9, (no. 2)