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Ismail Khawar

PhD Student
Computational Nanoplasmonics
Research center

  1. My educational background is Computational condensed matter physics which is a branch of physics that focuses on using computational methods like (WIEN2K, exciting code) and Density Functional Theory DFT techniques to study the properties and behaviour of condensed matter systems.
  2.  Condensed matter physics deals with the study of the physical properties of metals, semiconductors (perovskites ABO3, II_VI, III_V materials ), and insulators. 
  3. Computational condensed matter physics involves using computer simulations  and modelling to investigate the complex interactions and phenomena that occur in condensed matter systems.
  4.  Researchers in this field use computational tools (software) to study various topics such as electronic structure, linear optical, thermoelectric properties calculated by  (BoltzTraP code), magnetic properties (ferromagnet, diamagnetic), and elastic properties of the materials. 
  5. By combining theoretical results with experimental results, scientists can gain insights into the behaviour of condensed matter systems and develop a deeper understanding of their physical properties.