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Andrea Degl'Innocenti

Visiting Scientist
Smart Bio-Interfaces
Research center
Molecular biologist with expertise in recombinant DNA, sequence analysis, transgenesis and behavior. Working on neuro- and space biology.

Title: PhD in Molecular Biotechnology
Institute: Max Planck Institute of Brain Research/Max Planck Institute of Biophysics
Location: Frankfurt am Main
Country: Germany
From: 2011 To: 2015

Title: MSc in Molecular Biology
Institute: University of Pisa
Location: Pisa
Country: Italy
From: 2008 To: 2011

Title: BSc in Molecular Biology
Institute: University of Pisa
Location: Pisa
Country: Italy
From: 2003 To: 2008

All Publications
Salvetti A., Degl'Innocenti A., Gambino G., van Loon J.J.W.A., Ippolito C., Ghelardoni S., Ghigo E., Leoncino L., Prato M., Rossi L., Ciofani G.
Artificially altered gravity elicits cell homeostasis inbalance in planarian worms, and cerium oxide nanoparticles counteract this effect
Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A
Genchi G.G., Degl'Innocenti A., Martinelli C., Battaglini M., De Pasquale D., Prato M., Marras S., Pugliese G., Drago F., Mariani A., Balsamo M., Zolesi V., Ciofani G.
Cerium oxide nanoparticle administration to skeletal muscle cells under different gravity and radiation conditions
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, vol. 13, (no. 34), pp. 40200-40213
Pucci C., Martinelli C., Degl'Innocenti A., Desii A., De Pasquale D., Ciofani G.
Light-Activated Biomedical Applications of Chlorophyll Derivatives
Macromolecular Bioscience, vol. 21, (no. 9)
Meloni G., Tricinci O., Degl'Innocenti A., Mazzolai B.
A protein-coated micro-sucker patch inspired by octopus for adhesion in wet conditions
Scientific Reports
Salvetti A., Gambino G., Rossi L., De Pasquale D., Pucci C., Linsalata S., Degl'Innocenti A., Nitti S., Prato M., Ippolito C., Ciofani G.
Stem cell and tissue regeneration analysis in low-dose irradiated planarians treated with cerium oxide nanoparticles
Materials Science and Engineering C, vol. 115