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Francesco Garini

Electronic Hardware Engineer
Senior Technician
iCub Tech
Research center

Enthusiast Electronic Hardware Designer for Robotics @ iCub Tech Facility


Title: M.Sc in Computer and Automation Engineering - Artificial Intelligence
Institute: eCampus University
Location: Novedrate
Country: Italy
From: 2016 To: 2022

Title: Electronics and Telecom Engineering Diploma
Institute: High School
Location: Sesto Calende
Country: Italy
From: 2005 To: 2010

Experience External

Title: E/E Project Engineer
Institute: Ellamp
Location: Bodio Lomnago
Country: Italy
From: 2021 To: 2021

Title: Research & Development Engineer - Electronics and Mechanics
Institute: ISA Altanova Group
Location: Taino
Country: Italy
From: 2010 To: 2021