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Management of Flow Cytometry Platform at CLNS IIT The platform is equipped with the analyzer BDLSRFortessa and the BD FACSAriaIII cell sorter. The position is aimed at the management of flow cytometry laboratory to support the scientific projects of the center and to serve as a facility for outside institute. This require daily performing of sorting experiments, multiparametric panel setup and design for research groups needs, know-how in flow cytometry to support all research groups (IIT or external groups) that require to apply such methodology to their research. The facility aim is to exploit innovative flow cytometry protocols and improve the one already existing. Specific focus of the newly developed techniques is oriented not only towards refine cell characterization and isolation but also to improve complexity in multiparametric FACS analysis. The final aim is to gain a detailed screen and isolation of complex and/or rare cell populations for further functional studies.

Title: PhD in Immunology
Institute: Sapienza University of Rome
Location: Rome
Country: Italy
From: 2003 To: 2007

Title: Master degree in Biological Sciences
Institute: University of Roma Tre
Location: Rome
Country: Italy
From: 1997 To: 2003

Experience External

Title: Post Doctoral Fellow
Institute: National Institute of Health (NIH)
Location: Rockville, MD, 20852
Country: USA
From: 2008 To: 2013

All Publications
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