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Lilianne De La Caridad Beola Guibert

Post Doc
Smart Bio-Interfaces
Research center

Dr. Beola has been focused their research career on the study of magnetic hyperthermia as antitumoral strategy on different in vitro and in vivo models, having worked in several groups in different countries.  She graduated in Biochemistry in University of Havana (UH) in 2013, and then undertook a Master’s in Biochemistry in UH. Including the finished of her PhD in 2020, their research work has taken place and consolidation in different institutions: Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM, Havana, Cuba) during her undergraduate stage, she worked as Junior Researcher in the laboratories of the Center of Advanced Studies of Cuba (CEAC, Havana, Cuba). In 2014, she obtained a fellowship to perform a short-stay at the the Materials Science Institute of Aragón (ICMA/CSIC, Zaragoza, Spain, now namely INMA) financed within a frame of “I-COOP +” project. She began her predoctoral research in 2016 in the BioNanoSurf group at the University of Zaragoza (Unizar, Zaragoza, Spain), through a Mobility Fellowship for Latin Americans. Subsequently joined the European project MagicCellGene in 2018. Within the PhD thesis framework, she developed an important part of her research in the Aragon Biomedical Research Center (CIBA, Zaragoza, Spain), including research stays in the Materials Science Institute of Madrid (ICMM/CSIC, Madrid, Spain) in 2016, and The Nova University of Lisbon (Department of Life Sciences - FCT/UNL, Lisbon, Portugal) in 2019, this last, supported by an Erasmus+ Pre-Doctoral Programme and an Iberoamerican Mobility Grants, respectively. Currently, she is a Post-Doc in the Smart Bio-Interfaces group of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) within framework SLaMM project.


Title: PhD Analytical Science in Chemistry
Institute: University of Zaragoza
Location: Science Faculty
Country: Spain
From: 2016 To: 2020

Title: Master’s degree in Biochemistry. Mention: Biochemistry of Proteins and Enzymes
Institute: University of Havana
Location: Faculty of Biology
Country: Cuba
From: 2014 To: 2016

Title: Degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Institute: University of Havana
Location: Faculty of Biology
Country: Cuba
From: 2008 To: 2013