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Marta Damora

External collaborator
Visiting Scientist
Plasmon Nanotechnologies
Research center

Marta d'Amora graduated in Cellular e Molecular Biology and achieved her Ph.D. in Neurochemistry and Neurobiology at the University of Genoa. Currently, she is an external collaborator of the Plasmon nanotechnologies unit led by Dr. Francesco De Angelis. Her research focuses on the electrophysiological recordings of zebrafish embryos, and larvae as a platform for neuro and cardiotoxicity screening and epilepsy research.


Title: Ph. D. in Neurochemistry and Neurobiology
Institute: University of Genoa
Location: Genova
Country: Italy
From: 2009 To: 2012

Title: Master Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology
Institute: University of Genoa
Location: Genova
Country: Italy
From: 2005 To: 2007

All Publications
Everhardt A. S., Konstantinidis V., Kapteijn P., Hoekman M., Konstantinidou S., D'amora M., De Carli A., Fuso F., Tantussi F., Lai M., Raffa V., Al-Obaidi S., Schilder N., Heideman R., Geuzebroek D., Schreuder F.
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Conference Paper Conference
Zhao Y., Iarossi M., Maccaferri N., Deleye L., Melle G., Huang J.-A., Iachetta G., D'Amora M., Tantussi F., Isoniemi T., De Angelis F.
Hyperbolic metamaterial nanoparticles random array for thermoplasmonics in the II and III near-infrared windows
Applied Physics Letters, vol. 122, (no. 5)
Article Journal
Moreddu R., Boschi A., dAmora M., Hubarevich A., Dipalo M., De Angelis F.
Passive Recording of Bioelectrical Signals from Non-Excitable Cells by Fluorescent Mirroring
Nano Letters
Article Journal
Galgani A., Bartolini E., D'Amora M., Faraguna U., Giorgi F.S.
The Central Noradrenergic System in Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Merging Experimental and Clinical Evidence
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Damora M., Galgani A., Marchese M., Tantussi F., Faraguna U., De Angelis F., Giorgi F.
Zebrafish as an Innovative Tool for Epilepsy Modeling: State of the Art and Potential Future Directions
International Journal of Molecular Science