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Awards and Achievements
Latella C.
LIONS PREMIO DONNA TALENTO - L’ingenium femminile alla frontiera della conoscenza
Tirupachuri Y., Nava G., Latella C., Rapetti L., Ferigo D., Tagliapietra L., Nori F., Pucci D.
Best Student Paper Awarded to Conference Paper Titled "Towards Partner-Aware Humanoid Robot Control Under Physical Interactions"
Latella C.
Spinger/IFToMM Lagrange Award 2019 for the Best Phd Thesis on Multibody Dynamics
Latella C., Kuppuswamy N., Nori F.
ECSA-2 Best Paper Award in 2015 - "Force and motion capture system based on distributed micro-accelerometers, gyros, force and tactile sensing"