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Francesco Rinaldi

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Post Doc
Computational and Chemical Biology
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Dr. Francesco Rinaldi studied Pharmacy at Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna (Unibo). From September 2016 to March 2017 he performed the Pharmacy Internship at the Maggiore Hospital in Bologna (AUSL Bologna). In April 2017 he carried out a 3 months internship at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) working on the expression and the purification of proteins of pharmaceutical interest . From July 2017 to January 2018, he moved to ETH Zurich in Prof. Dario Neri Biomacromolecules group, to perform his Master Thesis, focused on the development of new monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of Acute Myeloid Leukemia. In March 2018 he graduated in Pharmacy with a final mark of 110/110 cum laude, and then in July of the same year passed the State Examination for Pharmacists with the overall mark of 292/350.

In January 2019, Dr. Rinaldi joined the Computational and Chemical Biology group at the Italian Institute of Technology first as Collaborator and then as Ph.D. Fellow thanks to the Ph.D. program in Biotechnological, Biocomputational, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences of Unibo. In June 2023, he obtained his Ph.D. in Biotechnological, Biocomputational, Pharmaceutical and Pharmacological Sciences at Unibo, after developing his three-year work in the Computational and Chemical Biology group at the IIT, where he is currently acting as a post-doc. 

Since 2021, his work has been supported by the Italian Association for Cancer Research (AIRC), thanks to a three-year fellowship.


Title: Pharm. D.
Institute: Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Location: Bologna
Country: Italy
From: 2012 To: 2018

Title: Ph.D.
Institute: Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia and Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna
Location: Genoa
Country: Italy
From: 2019 To: 2023


Title: Pharmacists State Examination
Description: null
Date: 31-07-2018

Experience External

Title: Master Thesis Student
Institute: ETH Zurich
Location: Zurich
Country: Switzerland
From: 2017 To: 2018

All Publications
Bagnolini G., Poppi L., Previtali V., Ferrandi G., Rinaldi F., Girotto S., Hirsch A.K.H., Roberti M., Cavalli A.
A journey through targeting BRCA2-RAD51 protein-protein interaction to establish synthetic lethality as paradigm for anticancer drug discovery
National Congress of the Italian Chemistry Society 2024
Poster Conference
Myers S.H., Poppi L., Rinaldi F., Veronesi M., Ciamarone A., Previtali V., Bagnolini G., Schipani F., Ortega Martinez J.A., Girotto S., Di Stefano G., Farabegoli F., Walsh N., De Franco F., Roberti M., Cavalli A.
An 19F NMR fragment-based approach for the discovery and development of BRCA2-RAD51 inhibitors to pursuit synthetic lethality in combination with PARP inhibition in pancreatic cancer
European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, vol. 265
Bresciani V., Rinaldi F., Bernetti M., Masetti M.
Elucidating the RAD51-BRC repeats interaction by integrating computational and experimental approaches
Summer School on Biomolecular Simulations
Poster Conference
Balboni B., Marotta R., Rinaldi F., Milordini G., Varignani G., Girotto S., Cavalli A.
Human full-length RAD52 at 2.2 Å resolution: an integrative structural biology study
Communications Biology
Article Journal
Previtali V., Bagnolini G., Ciamarone A., Ferrandi G., Rinaldi F., Myers S.H., Roberti M., Cavalli A.
New Horizons of Synthetic Lethality in Cancer: Current Development and Future Perspectives
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Article Journal
Scientific Talks
Rinaldi F.
Dissecting the BRCA2 - RAD51 interaction by integrating computational and experimental biophysics
Human Technopole
Rinaldi F., Bernetti M., Bresciani V., Girotto S., Cavalli A.
Elucidating the BRCA2 - RAD51 interaction by integrating computational and experimental biophysics
Convegno Nazionale della Società Chimica Italiana - Divisione di Chimica dei Sistemi Biologici
Rinaldi F., Girotto S., Cavalli A.
Elucidating the BRCA2-RAD51 interaction through an integrated structural biophysics approach
Italian Cristallography Association - 4th Meeting of the Biological Macromolecules Section
Rinaldi F.
Integrative Structural Modelling of the RAD51-BRCA2 interaction
The impact of computational methods and HPC on Life Sciences
Oral presentations
Previtali V., Myers S. H., Bagnolini G., Poppi L., Rinaldi F., Schipani F., Ortega J. A., De Franco F., Pellicciari R., Girotto S., Oliviero G., Walsh N., Valenti G., Tirelli N., Di Stefano G., Roberti M., Cavalli A.
Insights into the activity of ARN24089, a new RAD51-BRCA2 disruptor that inhibits homologous recombination and achieves synthetic lethality in pancreatic cancer
ACS Spring 2022 meeting
Awards and Achievements
Rinaldi F.
EMBO Travel Grant for the partecipation to Practical course Small Angle Neutron and X-ray Scattering from biomacromolecules in solution
Girotto S., Rinaldi F.
Integration of computational and experimental biophysics to reveal novel insights on the BRCA2 - RAD51 interaction (Proposal No SM37027)
Rinaldi F.
Triennal FIRC-AIRC fellowship "Ignazia Larussa" ID 25239
Rinaldi F.
Scholarship for students developing an internship in A.Y. 2016
Rinaldi F.
Scholarship for the development of the Master Thesis in a foreing laboratory