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[ERC] - Introduction

The European Research Council (ERC) – the first pan-European funding body for frontier research - aims to enhance the dynamic character, creativity and excellence of European research at the frontiers of knowledge. Born in 2007, ERC consists of a Scientific Council, the decision-making body setting the scientific funding strategy, and an Executive Agency (ERCEA) which implements the ERC strategy. The ERC operates with the autonomy and integrity guaranteed by the European Commission.

ERC grants are awarded through an open competition launched on projects headed by starting and/or established researchers, irrespective of their origins, who are working or moving to work in Europe. The sole selection criterion is scientific excellence. The aim here is to recognize the best ideas and confer status and visibility to the best brains in Europe while at the same time attracting talents from abroad.

[ERC] - IIT details

​​​​​​​IIT currently secured more than 50 ERC grants thanks to the following researchers.

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[ERC] - Winners (Advanced Grant)

ERC Winners - Advanced Grant

[ERC] - Winners (Synergy Grant)

[ERC] - Under negotiation

Under Negotiation

Antonio Bicchi
ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2022

Paolo Decuzzi
ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2022

Monica Gori
ERC Proof of Concept Grant 2022

Teresa Pellegrino
ERC Consolidator Grant 2022

[ERC] - More projects

More projects have been won by Stefano Palagi, Valentina Cauda and Iwan Moreels. The grants are now hosted by another research institute.