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Francesca Nadalin

Affiliated Researcher
Genomic Science
Research center

After an undergraduate training in Mathematics, I earned a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Udine, under the supervision of prof. Alberto Policriti, focusing on sequence bioinformatics and in particular on local de novo assembly approaches for short read sequencing data.
At Sorbonne Université, under the supervision of prof. Alessandra Carbone, I developed statistical potentials for predicting protein-protein binding modes; I also worked on the extraction of co-evolution patterns in highly conserved protein families.
More recently, I got interested in single-cell sequencing data analysis, thanks to a period spent at Institut Curie, which allowed me to work on several projects focused on the study of the cells of the immune system.
At CGS-IIT, in collaboration with EMBL-EBI, I develop computational methods for the analysis and integration of single-cell sequencing assays, with a specific focus on understanding drug resistance in cancer.


Title: PhD in Computer Science
Institute: University of Udine
Location: Udine
Country: Italy
From: 2011 To: 2014

Title: Master Degree in Mathematics
Institute: University of Udine
Location: Udine
Country: Italy
From: 2007 To: 2010

Experience External

Title: Research engineer
Institute: Institut Curie
Location: Paris
Country: France
From: 2017 To: 2020

Title: Postdoc
Institute: Sorbonne Université
Location: Paris
Country: France
From: 2014 To: 2017

All Publications
Nadalin F., Marzi M.J., Pirra Piscazzi M., Fuentes P., Procaccia S., Climent M., Bonetti P., Rubolino C., Giuliani B., Papatheodorou I., Marioni J.C., Nicassio F.
Multi-omic lineage tracing predicts the transcriptional, epigenetic and genetic determinants of cancer evolution
Article E-print Archive
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Single-cell RNA-seq analysis reveals dual sensing of HIV-1 in blood Axl+ dendritic cells
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The Promise of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing to Redefine the Understanding of Crohn’s Disease Fibrosis Mechanisms
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