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Fabio Dalla Pozza

Guest Student
Genomic Science
Research center

I graduated in the Medical Biotechnology bachelor degree at the University of Milan in 2020. I'm currently enrolled in the master programme Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics, a joint degree of the University of Milan and Politecnico di Milano.

I joined the Dr. Mattia Pelizzola's research group in January 2022 and I'm currently working on my master thesis project, which focuses on the development of a computational method aimed to the study of the transcriptional dynamics at the level of the single RNA's isoform.


Title: Biotecnologie Mediche
Institute: University of Milan
Location: Milan
Country: Italy
From: 2017 To: 2020

Title: Bioinformatics for Computational Genomics
Institute: University of Milan/Politecnico di Milano
Location: Milan
Country: Italy
From: 2020 To: null

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