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Claudia Crovace

Scientific Assistant
Visiting Scientist
Genomic Science
Research center
Born and bred in the lush Valle d'Itria of Puglia, I moved to Bologna to study Industrial Biotechnology at the oldest university in the western world. I performed the experimental work required for graduation in Prof Andrea Musacchio's Lab (then at the Department of Experimental Oncology of IEO - European Institute of Oncology in Milan), working on the structrual characterisation by X-ray diffraction of the over-expressed human protein complex cdk5-p25 in the presence of the inhibitor indirubin. For my PhD, I worked in Dr Daniela Stock's Lab (then at the MRC - Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge UK) on the structural characterisaton of the recombinantly expressed A.aeolicus flagellar motor switch complex. After taking a break from science to train and work as a Blue Badge London Tourist Guide, I moved back to Italy where my main job is assisting scientists with writing papers, grants, applications, professional profiles, book chapters, reviews and rebuttal letters.